About Us

Our Mission

At Kevin Abraham Consulting, LLC, our mission is to help LPFM and full power radio stations improve their stations through our solutions.   We offer solutions that fit your budget to help you compete in your market.

What We Offer

Three packages to help you with your radio station.

The first option is our Life Support package, which includes:

  • Remote assistance to verify that programming airs the correct programs daily.
  •  Remote assistance to stay on the air with broadcasting, including communication with an on-site person to assist getting the station back on air.
  • A one-time visit to the station to learn about its operation. *

Cost for this package $400/month

The second option is the Gold package, which includes:   

  •  The Life Support package, along with
  •  Assistance in finding and adding songs for your station.
  • Assistance in the scheduling of new programming.
  • Maintaining and adding provided PSA's, community events and other liners provided.

Cost for this package $800/month

The third and most inclusive option is the Platinum package, which includes:

  •  All items offered in the Life Support and Gold packages.
  • Remote Station Management for your station.
  •  Assistance with filing music licensing and EAS compliance.
  • Voiceovers to make the station sound local and have the feel of a studio presence, including one vocal talent.
  •  Provision, production, and recording of your Legal ID,  Station Liners, PSAs, Weekly Bible Verses, tagged with your station name and contact information.
  • Yearly visit to station to verify FCC compliance.*

Cost for this package $1800/month

About us:

Kevin Abraham Consulting, LLC, was founded by Kevin Abraham in August, 2019.   Kevin started out in radio in 2015 as the Program Director of Reveal FM 97.1 WLIC.   Since then Kevin has become the Station Manager of multiple radio stations, working remotely, and is available to assist with your station to help it to realize its full potential in your local community.